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[Ikimonogakari Update] Yoshioka Kiyoe, to release a cover album

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[Ikimonogakari Update] Yoshioka Kiyoe, to release a cover album Empty [Ikimonogakari Update] Yoshioka Kiyoe, to release a cover album

Post by eyuancozyu on Sun Sep 16, 2018 2:37 pm

I've got the news as soon as they got posted on social media (in Japanese), but there's me... lazy. I was thinking of waiting for other sites to post this news but then it's nearly a month and I tried googling if someone already broke out the news, to find out none.

Yoshioka Kiyoe, to release a cover album on October 24, 2018

Album is entitled "Utairo" and so far there are 10 tracks, including the two prior released songs: "Yume de Aetara" (originally by Ohtaka Eiichi) and "Ito" (originally by Nakajima Miyuki). Some other tracks include "Shounen" by Yuzu, "Eine Kleine" by Yonezu Kenshi, among others. The album costs 3,000 + tax. [1] [2]

Earlier this year, Yoshioka Kiyoe opened up her own personal website seemingly promoting her cover songs. I did get the hunch that she's probably slowly inching to a solo career just like how Mizuno Yoshiki and Yamashita Hotaka are currently engaged with a lot of projects.

The news broke out last August 21, 2018. [2]

As part of promoting the album, Yoshioka Kiyoe launches her Instagram account [3].

Yoshioka Kiyoe currently has a verified Instagram account, @kiyoe_utairo_official where she posts updates and behind the scenes of the production of the album. [3] [4]

Screenshot taken 2018/09/16 08:12 UTC
[Ikimonogakari Update] Yoshioka Kiyoe, to release a cover album IMG_20180916_161230


(1) Yoshioka Kiyoe Website
(2) Twitter: @ikimono_news
(3) Instagram: @kiyoe_utairo_official
(4) Yoshioka Kiyoe website - 吉岡聖恵「うたいろ」オフィシャルInstagramスタート!
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